Kiarostami Portrait

About the Festival:

Welcome to the Abbas Kiarostami International Short Film Festival, a platform dedicated to honoring the role and impact of Abbas Kiarostami in the history of cinema.

The use of Abbas Kiarostami's name in our festival's title is both a great honor and a significant responsibility as we strive, with your support as filmmakers, to take important steps in continuing his cinematic legacy.

The remarkable achievements and lasting influence of Kiarostami's works on multiple generations of Iranian and global filmmakers are undeniable. His profound philosophical insights, innovative storytelling techniques, and intelligent commitment to unique cinematic forms have distinguished him as a prominent figure in the world of independent cinema.

Throughout his illustrious life, Kiarostami challenged conventional cinematic norms, reshuffled narrative boundaries, and paved the way for a new generation of filmmakers who prioritize creativity.

The Abbas Kiarostami International Short Film Festival provides a platform for the continuation of his legacy by introducing emerging talents in filmmaking from around the world. One of our festival's core values is the promotion of low-budget filmmaking. We understand the challenges faced by independent filmmakers and aim to create a comprehensive and accessible environment for showcasing their works.

Our festival operates independently and is not affiliated with any organization, including the Kiarostami Foundation. Furthermore, this festival is subject to copyright laws, and copying its name, content, and objectives without written permission from the festival director is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Join us to appreciate Kiarostami's art, which has consistently reminded us of life's forgotten concepts amidst the twists and turns of its rich narratives.